Worth Matravers Parish Councillors 2020

Councillor                Address                    Phone No. /  E Mail Address

Jerry Burden            (Chairman)

                            Newfoundland              01929 439209

                            Newfoundland Close

                            Worth Matravers        jeremybuilding@btinternet.com                              BH19 3LX

Ian Bugler

                            1 Begbie Cottages        01929 439453 / 07930 434694

                            Worth Matravers

                            Dorset                      itbgardeningltd@gmail.com

                            BH19 3LQ


 Ron Woolford

                            Admillan                      01929 477267                              South Instow

                            Harmans Cross           rjwoolford@hotmail.com                              BH19 3DS

Mrs Ceri Vosper     

                            1 Gallows Gore             01929 439037

                            Kingston Road

                            Worth Matravers         

                            BH19 3JR                   cerivosper@tiscali.co.uk



 Roger Khanna

 Parish Clerk                                   worthmatraversparishclerk@gmail.com

                            Highlands                    01929 439044

                            Haycrafts Lane


                            BH19 3EE

      NOTICE OF COUNCILLOR VACANCY 230921 APPLY  IN WRITING BY 141021 FOR AN ELECTION TO RETURNING OFFICER ELECTORAL SERVICES DORSET COUNCILDT1 1XJ OR BY E MAIL elections@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk by 10 electors for the parish otherwise the vacancy will be filled by cooption

Mrs Lucy Hemmings   3 Roman Barn              lushergs@hotmail,com


Mr Chris Melville       Cressy

                            Worth Matravers

                            BH19 3LF                   chrislin.ocean@btinternet.com

Dorset Council Councillor

Ms Cherry Brooks             

                            Hilltop                 01929 405171


                            East Stoke

                            Wareham                                                      cllrcherry.brooks@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk                             BH20 6AR                                                                                                                                                                                     


District / County Councillor

 Mr M Lovell              

                            South Hyde                  01929 427631

                            The Hyde

                            Langton Matravers      mwjlovell@gmail.com

                            BH19 3HE

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