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Current Issues affecting the parish

Swanage Hospital Closure proposals are currently on hold for then future

Over 1000 turned out to attend a public meeting over the closure of Swanage Hospital on July 20th at the Mowlem Theatre in Swanage. Over 450 were denied access to the meeting due to H&S concerns. Campaigners protested downstairs and on the beach until the representative of Dorset NHS was provided with a police escort to enable him to address the crowds.

Source: Purbeck Gazette

Click here for League of Friends Swanage Hospital website

Swanage Free school

The Swanage School was a new 11-16 school for the entire community, situated on the main road into Swanage . It  opened in September 2013 and is now fully operational with its grounds sports facilities and gymnasia

Click here for Swanage Free School website

Studland Ferry price increases

A Public Inquiry will be held by virtual means in January 2021 using Microsoft Teams

Mineral extraction Policy

Maintaining provision of Purbeck Stone, a building stone of national and local heritage significance, in an area of high landscape sensitivity.

Establishing a scale and nature of extraction appropriate to the sensitive area whilst as far as possible supporting this important industry.

Click here for The Strategy for Purbeck Stone Extraction website

Waste management proposals

A joint strategy by the Dorset councils to guide the way that

waste will be dealt with over the next 25 years. Everyone produces rubbish,how we deal with it now and in years to come is a significant challenge.

Click here for Waste Management website

Offshore Wind Farm

The coast from Purbeck in Dorset to the south of the Isle of Wight surrounding Poole Bay is rightly valued. Expansive views escape the intrusion of man-made structures, and it is a popular destination for those wanting to “get away from it all”. The Navitus Bay offshore wind farm i was rejected at a National Infrastructure Public Inquiry.

Click here for The Challenge Navitus website

Purbeck District Council Planning Core strategy

The Core Strategy set out the strategic vision and policies for Purbeck for the period 2006-2027. The Council has in 2019 been abolished with a single Unitary Dorset Council taking over those functions

Click here for The Eneco and EDF Energy website Click for The Purbeck Core Planning website

Grounds Maintenance and Ancillary Works contracts


The PC intends to go out to tender with interested contractors

In October 2021. A PC decision is expected in November/ December 2021 for a start on site in April 2022

Any contractor wishing to express an interest should contact the Clerk on

Existing and past tenderers or those with previous contracts with the PC or similar ones with adjoining PC’s will be automatically considered

Click here for The Harmans Cross Settlement Boundary Map ( PDF) Click here for The Worth Matravers Settlement Boundary Map ( PDF)

Dorset Travel Website - Check before you travel!

Travel Dorset provides you with up to date travel information for Dorset including live travel alerts, roadworks information and bus and rail departure times.

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